Life is not worth living unless it is spent giving to others in some way

Mudaliar Association Malaysia stands ready to help people navigate the oath to independence and strength. Since 1977, we’re been creating new and better ways to assists families and individuals in needs, motivate self-sufficiency, promote community enrichment, and offer greater youth opportunities. The positive direction we provide allows us to make lasting difference in the lives of those we serve, and in the communities we share.

Our Mission

We empower members and strengthen community to inspire hope and build a brighter future.

Our Vision

We envision an environment where all member have the opportunity to create permanent positive change and embrace community fellowship.

We Value

Integrity – We are committed to high moral principles, ethics and professional standards.

Knowledge – We foster a culture of education and lifelong learning, which are essential qualities for our vibrant organisation.

Innovation – We turn ideas into action by embracing change, encouraging invention and developing creative solution for community enhancement.

Excellence – We are relentless in the pursuit of continuous community improvement.

Our Logo

The Meaning of the logo:

  • Unity Among Mudaliar Community
  • Rise of Mudaliar Community
  • Lead with Proffesionalism